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What’s this all about? We think we, as in the people of Wexford, can better prepare for the future and make much more of what we have by working together. Better infrastructure, better local economy, better environment and, ultimately, stronger communities. We all have a part to play.

N11/N25 Oilgate to Rosslare Harbour Scheme

Wexford County Council has announced that it will shortly begin a public consultation process on the proposed N11/N25 Oilgate to Rosslare Harbour Scheme. The public consultation process runs from Monday 6th July to Monday 20th July 2020, and offers an opportunity for members of the public to voice their opinions and to contribute to the overall development of the project.

The Scheme aims to develop over 30km section of high-quality road which will link Rosslare Europort (and the greater south Wexford area) with Dublin via the M11, and Cork & Waterford via the N25. Following a comprehensive feasibility and constraints study, eight scheme options are being considered. The details of these options, along with other scheme information, is available at www.oilgate2rosslareharbour.ie

How will this new way of Public Consultation work? 

A feedback form is included with the brochures currently being distributed and this can be returned to the project team by freepost. The feedback form can also be completed online on the project website www.oilgate2rosslareharbour.ie. Alternatively, the public can telephone 053 9196000 where all requests for information and feedback will be handled promptly. 

The project website www.oilgate2rosslareharbour.ie will provide a central point for all the latest project information and feedback.

All queries or comments in relation to the project may be addressed to: N11/N25 Oilgate to Rosslare Harbour, Wexford County Council, Carricklawn, Wexford. Phone: 053 9196000. Email: customerservice@wexfordcoco.ie

N25 Rosslare Europort Access Road Public Consultation Process (June 2020)

Wexford County Council is launching a public consultation process regarding the Rosslare Europort Access Road. The public consultation period is June 15 – June 29. WCC has asked for queries to be submitted before 4 p.m. on June 16. Because of CV-19 there won’t be a public information meeting. However, the public may submit questions by email/post.

A local resident we spoke to says: ‘… the avowed aims of the access scheme include, inter alia, “improve road safety” and “facilitate improvements to Rosslare Harbour village” and that she will be looking at the proposals with this in mind.

There are, however, bigger questions to ponder including: What are Rosslare Europort’s plans for developing the port including development of the rail infrastructure into the port to encourage greater use of rail and less road traffic.


Community Resilience – Thinking Ahead

Wexford Community Resilience Group

At an early stage in the Covid-19 outbreak Wexford County Council called a meeting of Wexford’s Community Resilience Group (CRG) with the aim of coordinating the work required throughout the county to assist communities impacted by the pandemic. Membership of this group comprises all the relevant state agencies as well as community groups. The CRG is tasked with dealing with any extreme events facing the county.

But what about extreme events that they don’t yet know about? What about events linked to climate change – damage caused by severe storms, flooding, coastal erosion, extreme heat and drought, water shortages, crop failure, food security, etc?

Wexford needs a forward-looking equivalent of the CRG, an expert-led group that marries science with strategy in planning for future possible/probable extreme events. Such a group would be tasked with looking at the latest data and modelling and following all the possible ‘what-if’ scenarios. Not only would this group play a major part in helping Wexford better prepare for future shocks, they would play a critical role in the construct and design of future county and area development plans.

It is the aim of Future-Proof Wexford to ensure that Wexford plans now for a future which we know is going to bring major challenges. We know through experience that the political process does not lend itself to long-term planning. We know also that where political leadership may be found wanting the impetus for change must come from the community.

With society still in semi-lockdown and given the continued importance of social distancing, let’s get the conversation going remotely.

Developer to make another application for major Carcur development

Wexford People newspaper reports this week that a Wexford developer is to make another application to An Bord Pleanála, under the Strategic Housing Development, for a major development at Park, Wexford. ABP has previously refused to grant permission for the development of the old CRH site which borders the Slaney estuary. The proposed application is essentially similar in scale to those submitted previously. Following the submission of the most recent application An Taisce submitted comments to ABP expressing its concern at the scale of the development, its impact on the adjoining Natura 2000 sites, and flood risk. Continue reading

Can your diet prevent Covid-19?

That’s a question put by the HSE on its website. Maybe they should have pulled back a little in the directness of the question. As it is the question invites a blunt yes or no, with nothing in between. To their credit, however, they do focus on the importance of a fully balanced diet for the upkeep of general health and for maintaining a properly functioning immune system.

Dr Vogel in The Nature Doctor says ‘if we want to take up the fight against viruses and win it, we must do all we can to back up the body’s own regenerative power’. To this end, he talks of the need for a healthy natural diet and a healthy lifestyle. He mentions the effectiveness of some plants in combatting viral infections, including garlic, ramsons (wild garlic), horseradish and echinacea. He is particularly strong on the importance of good dental hygiene!