You know the way you look forward to taking time out for a café rendezvous with friends where, over strong tea and sweet pastries, you proceed to talk about everything. And nothing. The sheer indulgence of it. Throw away stories. Small town scandal. Plans for the weekend.

Occasionally someone tosses an idea into the ether and, against all the odds, it takes hold, insists on dominating. The tea was pouring strong and a tad on the cool side when the words “transition towns” and Wexford were mentioned in the one breath. And the conversation turned, in an instant, from the frivolous to the serious.

Over a fresh pot we heard how the initiative known as Transition Towns can transform towns and neighbourhoods. Why not Wexford?

The Transition Towns process starts with looking at what, as a community, you have got, how this might be improved upon (more socially inclusive, friendlier to the environment, more self-sustaining) and how, with a little foresight, you can take steps to ensure your community is better prepared for whatever lies further along the tracks.

We realised as the conversation progressed that we were talking of nothing less than the future-proofing of Wexford. We liked the sound of that so Future-Proof Wexford was born.

Game on!

The process of future-proofing Wexford is not about creating another organization to make it all happen, it is about getting existing organisations, groups and individuals to do what they can to nudge us along in the right direction. The project is about making long-term savings, both as regards the Earth’s resources (especially the portion of the planet which we occupy) and the wealth of individual households.

While we are a grass-roots organisation operating at the community level we readily acknowledge that, if there is to be meaningful progress, there must be top-down leadership. To quote Terrence McDonough: “It is the role of government to make the right choices as easy and cheap as possible and the wrong choices inconvenient and expensive.”

Future-Proof Wexford is a members of Wexford PPN (Public Participation Network)


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