Holy St Patrick, the snakes are back!

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“Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, as is now evident from observations of increases in global average air and ocean temperatures, widespread melting of snow and ice, and rising global mean sea level.”

This is how Barry O’Dwyer, Senior Researcher at UCC’s Environmental Research Unit, began his ‘Preparing for the Inevitable’ talk at Wexford Library last Tuesday. Presented in association with Future-Proof Wexford the focus of the evening was about the changes already being wrought by climate change and how we must act to both lessen and cope with these changes.
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Planning for the Inevitable: Climate Change


Barry O’Dwyer, a Senior Post Doctoral Researcher at the MaREI Centre, UCC, is the guest speaker at a climate change talk at Wexford Library on Tuesday, May 24 (7pm). The event, presented in association with Future-Proof Wexford, follows a recent talk at the same venue by environmentalist and architect Duncan Stewart.

The latter focused on how climate change may lead to mass migrations of people fleeing devastation and/or starvation, and global food shortages generally. On the plus side, he also looked at how those innovative enterprises prepared to take a long term sustainable approach can expect to prosper.

Barry O’Dwyer’s talk will look at how climate change is already impacting, physically, with the island of Ireland and what measures we can take to cope with the inevitable changes resulting from this.
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Wexford Well Positioned to Build Sustainable Jobs says Duncan

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Architect, environmentalist and tv presenter, Duncan Stewart, visited Wexford last Thursday (May 12) to speak on ‘Creating New Local Sustainable Enterprises’. The talk at Wexford Library, presented in association with Future-Proof Wexford, attracted a large and, as Duncan himself acknowledged, very savy audience.

In the course of a wide-ranging talk, he said that Wexford is well placed to develop sustainable businesses in a range of sectors, not least eco-tourism, food production and energy.
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