Get Involved!

“Get Involved” is a sustainable communities initiative whereby local communities hook up with local media. It offers local communities all over Ireland an opportunity to work together to improve their own lives, create local jobs, and protect the environment. The local communities do the work, while local media devotes column-inches to reporting on their efforts. There are prizes for the best projects.

Wexford Tidy Towns, through its Biodiversity Committee, is working with Wexford Echo to encourage more people to try household composting and rainwater harvesting. The aim is to provide both online and physical assistance to those wanting to get started with either or both.

There are loads of websites with can help you get started with composting at home. Try this one for starters:

Likewise with rainwater harvesting. has a nice intro on its site outlining what is involved:

We will get our own detailed how-to pages up soon. Main thing if you are just starting into either composting or harvesting rainwater is KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Further details: See (biodiversity section)
Tel 086 2427981


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