Community Resilience – Thinking Ahead

Wexford Community Resilience Group

At an early stage in the Covid-19 outbreak Wexford County Council called a meeting of Wexford’s Community Resilience Group (CRG) with the aim of coordinating the work required throughout the county to assist communities impacted by the pandemic. Membership of this group comprises all the relevant state agencies as well as community groups. The CRG is tasked with dealing with any extreme events facing the county.

But what about extreme events that they don’t yet know about? What about events linked to climate change – damage caused by severe storms, flooding, coastal erosion, extreme heat and drought, water shortages, crop failure, food security, etc?

Wexford needs a forward-looking equivalent of the CRG, an expert-led group that marries science with strategy in planning for future possible/probable extreme events. Such a group would be tasked with looking at the latest data and modelling and following all the possible ‘what-if’ scenarios. Not only would this group play a major part in helping Wexford better prepare for future shocks, they would play a critical role in the construct and design of future county and area development plans.

It is the aim of Future-Proof Wexford to ensure that Wexford plans now for a future which we know is going to bring major challenges. We know through experience that the political process does not lend itself to long-term planning. We know also that where political leadership may be found wanting the impetus for change must come from the community.

With society still in semi-lockdown and given the continued importance of social distancing, let’s get the conversation going remotely.

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